Impulsion Nozzles ABS Swimming Pool 50mm

Manufactured in white ABS, they adapt to any type of swimming pool. The impulsion nozzles return the filtered and treated water to the pool. They incorporate the "Multiflow" system, which allows you to choose the diameter and therefore the flow of water that will pass through the nozzles. The suction nozzles are used to connect the cleaner-funds. The...
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AstralPool bottom nozzle with external thread 2″, inner Ø 50 mm. Impulsion/Aspiration. Adjustable flow rate. Made of ABS plastic material and stainless steel screws. Maximum recommended flow according to EN 13451-1: 12 m3/h
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Nozzle impulsion Multiflow thread ext. 2″ int....

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Outside thread 2″, and inside thread of 1½". Manufactured in white ABS, with gaskets. The holes in the grille do not exceed 8 mm according to EN 13451-1. Multiflow System. Multiflow System. The nozzle ball is supplied pre-framed with a series of diameters (14-20 and 25). With the help of a punch, one of the diameters can be selected at the time of...
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Pressure nozzle Multiflow ext. thread 2″ int....

Outside thread 2″, inside glue Ø 50 mm. Manufactured in white ABS. Multiflow system. The nozzle ball is supplied pre-framed with a series of diameters (14-20 and 25). With the help of a punch, one of the diameters can be selected at the time of installation. Maximum recommended flow rate for a maximum throughput speed of 4 m/s,
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copy of RGB LED controller with remote control

Easy to install. Advanced control. Allows the intensity to be adjusted. Select exactly the desired color. Allows remote on/off switching. Selects the desired color or an automatic program.

Suction nozzle for overflow with AstralPool liner

Nozzle with double seal that thanks to the design of the flange the nozzle can suck all the water from the overflow channel. PVC body. Maximum flow rate 5 m³/h for a maximum flow rate of 0.5 m/s. Connection for pipe Ø 75 or Ø 90.
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Controller rgb 2-wire cable

Easy to install. Allows you to control up to 10 spotlights. Easy operation of your RGB PAR56 or surface mounted spotlights. All the spotlights are perfectly synchronized. Large signal range, allowing you to control the lighting from a great distance.

Electrical panel for swimming pool

For pumps up to 1 HP. 25A safety differential. Clock for automatic pump control. Easy installation and operation with external control.
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Adjustable discharge nozzle with stainless...

Adjustable bottom discharge nozzle made of stainless steel AISI-316 AstralPool. External thread 2". It can be installed in concrete and prefabricated swimming pools. The water flow can be regulated by means of the central screw. Maximum recommended flow according to EN 13451-3: 14 m3/h
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